Maximising the sound potential of our loudspeakers and bringing our customers great joy through authentic music has been our goal for 31 years.

This outgoing year has made us believe stronger than ever that good music is food for our soul and will get us through the harder times and prepare us for what might still come.

Every loudspeaker of ours is a statement of our beliefs and our core identity. We will continue to make only the most authentic-sounding products as always, for you, for ourselves, and for anyone whose heart might be touched by the magic of music.

We thank you for your support and wish you Happy Holidays and health, love, and a lot of laughter in 2021!

It's finally there...

The Black Magic Diamond is a statement of the superior quality of the latest Accuton Cell speaker systems. The current 20 mm Black Diamond tweeter is virtually invisible accoustically. Thanks to the exact timing of the signal interaction with the midrange drivers, its quality is not affected by incorrect signal sums. View Product

"I think I'd like you better, Star,

If you were not so high and far,

So many friendly things are found

Quite near the ground."

Now you could see it near,

Just as fine and pretty and good and true,

as when seen from afar.

Take a closer look.