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We offer you a first-class line of services based on over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of loudspeakers.

Well over 100 loudspeaker developments as well as direct contact with clients resulted in our comprehensive know-how and rich experience.

Our concept and the standard of the so-called "time-coherent" (signal-precise) transformation have reached a very high level maturity.                         Michael Weidlich AUDIO is one of the pioneers in this field and has his position among the world's best.



Our offer: 

  • Custom design and manufacture of loudspeakers for private and commercial clients



Well over 100 loudspeaker developments also mean numerous testings and listening sessions in different rooms, as well as know-how and experience in the field of acoustic testing technique.

The development and application of a testing method for the analysis of the transient response of loudspeakers allowed for an in-depth understanding of the transducer behaviour and the interaction between sound sources and room acoustics.



Our offer:

  • Loudspeaker testing and evaluation
  • Room acoustic testing and consultation




Accuton C30-6-358, Accuton Cell C168-6-990, Accuton Cell AS250-4-552